Connected Mold-ID – Collecting Tool Data with RFID

The simple entry into digital tool data management!

Connected Mold-ID is the simple entry into digital tool management. With this plug-and-play solution you can collect and manage your injection molds automatically. Connected Mold-ID enables optimal utilization of your molds while preventing mold failures and reducing unplanned downtimes.

The autonomous RFID system reliably and conveniently provides the data you need, so that you know the details and have an overall view of your tool inventory. You are informed of each deployment, and ready when format changes are called for.

Connected Mold-ID increases the flexibility and efficiency of your production and provides transparency into the process – all factors of intelligent manufacturing and requirements of IIoT.

Connected Mold-ID ensures consistent and thorough process monitoring and provides you with process security. Digital tool management with RFID helps you remain internationally competitive without great expense or effort. Start now. 


  • No downtime caused by tool failures  
  • Documentation of the tool’s history and recording of the production cycles with an autonomous system
  • High data security: all data available directly on the tool itself
  • Optimal tool changing with visualization of the inspection intervals on the equipment and in the software

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