Confidex Presents Brand New Ferrowave Flag

Confidex Presents a Brand New UHF RFID Product!

Ferrowave Flag is a versatile on metal label with excellent read range of up to 12 meters globally.

The flag structure is optimized for easy attachment on challenging metallic parts while cost engineered materials enable item-level tracking. Ferrowave Flag comes with VDA compliant M4E IC specifically suitable for automotive parts tracking as well as other industrial applications.

Product information

Product name: Ferrowave Flag™ M4E

Product number: 3003441

Personalization options:

  • Pre-encoding
    Customer specific encoding of EPC or user memory. Locking permanently or with password.
  • Customized printing 
    Customer specific layout including logo, text, numbers, barcodes etc.

When mounting the label with its adhesive, clean and dry the surface for obtaining the maximum bond strength.Typical cleaning solvents are heptane or acetone for oily surfaces or isopropyl alcohol for plastics. Do not use household cleaning solvents that contain oils. Carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use when working with solvents. 

Ideal application temperature is from +20 °C to +30 °C (+68 °F to +86 °F). Bond strength can be improved with firm application pressure. Application at temperatures below 10 °C (50 °F) is not recommended. 

Standard polarization is along the tag’s longest dimension. As the Confidex Ferrowave Flag™ uses metallic asset as part of the antenna the asset may also affect the polarization.

Performance of the tag will vary depending on theinstallation location. Therefore it is recommended to test the optimal location for the tagged asset. You may also contact Confidex for recommendations.

Smallest recommended bending diameter of the Confidex Ferrowave Flag™ is 50 mm. Smaller radius might have an effect on adhesion depending on the surface material. 

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