Coming soon: DENSO will launch BHT-M60 and BHT-M80

The newest handheld terminals from offer the best scan performance for logistics and warehousing, production, retail, and customer service as well as transport logistics.

With the BHT-M60 and BHT-M80, DENSO WAVE EUROPE will launch two Android handhelds that can help businesses optimally manage today’s challenges. For instance, the data collection devices support high-speed processes in order to master requirements such as same-day delivery.

Dirk Gelbrich, General Manager Technical Department at DENSO WAVE EUROPE, explains: “Customer expectations continue to rise steadily, especially in retail and logistics. And it is no secret that mobile data collection for processes such as goods receipt or inventory is the much faster alternative to pen and paper. However, our new handhelds go a step further. “

The mobile computers offer a newly developed barcode engine in combination with a high-performance CPU, which enables scanning three times as fast as with conventional data collection devices. It is the heart of the new BHT series and the most powerful DENSO scan engine on the market to date.

Thus, not only is a very high scanning speed achieved, but difficult codes that are damaged or smeared, can be captured as well. Scanning through glass and on metallic surfaces, where many devices fail, is also no problem thanks to the new scan engine.

Additionally, the BHT-M60 is equipped with an ergonomically shaped handle, while the BHT-M80 has a 5-inch touch display on which the user can see everything important at a glance.

“Employees must be able to organize repetitive tasks and processes comfortably and effortlessly. It is the only way for them to stay healthy. And only by keeping this in mind, a company can stay healthy and economically successful, too,” says Gelbrich. “This is exactly where our new handhelds come into play: With them, users can, for example, better manage inventories, determine the location of goods more quickly or upload the exact positions of goods in the connected ERP system. This degree of digitalization is essential nowadays.”

Thanks to the ergonomic design, users can work with the mobile computers over a long period of time, as they enable a natural hand position. The ergonomics of the devices were optimized, among other things, by the changed scanning angle. This also improves the reading performance of the mobile computers.

Particularly during the pandemic, it became clear how important it is for companies to digitize their processes in order to continue to compete in the market. With the BHT-M60 and the BHT-M80, retailers with an adjacent online shop can implement the Click & Collect method, meaning that customers order products online and pick them up in a store. In addition, employees can check the inventory in real-time and reorder products directly, if necessary. Hence, immediate support from employees can be guaranteed with the new handhelds.

“Our customers, some of whom we have been working with for more than 20 years, give us feedback that efficient time management and smooth-running processes are essential – today more than ever, because customer expectations are much higher than they were a few years ago. Our mobile computers provide exactly the support needed for these processes,” says Gelbrich.

The BHT-M60 and BHT-M80 have passed DENSO’s strict quality tests for robustness and durability even under the toughest conditions – including drop tests from 2.5 meters, extreme temperatures from -20 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius – and will be introduced to the market this spring.

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