Cisper Expands Product Portfolio with Teltonika Products

Cisper Partners with Teltonika!

has extended our range of IoT routers, gateways and Bluetooth sensors with Teltonika Networks products.

Teltonika provides professional networking equipment that is secure, reliable and easy to use. Most of the Teltonika products have more than one connectivity option.

Teltonika Networks is a rapidly growing technology company, manufacturing professional network connectivity equipment for international markets. Through long-term experience and research and development of industrial network devices for IoT and M2M communication, they have developed a wide portfolio of products for the most complex areas of Industry 4.0, Smart City, and Green Energy.

Teltonika Networks controls every stage of the product development cycle, which enables them to respond quickly and flexibly to market needs and changes while ensuring reliability, security, and ease of use. As a part of Teltonika IoT Group, all their products are manufactured and assembled in a modern factory in Lithuania which allows them to ensure highest quality standards.

The Teltonika products will help you build a solid IoT, M2M or enterprise networking infrastructure and advanced remote management capabilities will enable you to manage it with ease.

Bluetooth (BLE) sensor PUCK-series

Teltonika offers a range of Bluetooth sensors. The PUCK-series range from temperature sensors for monitoring heat-sensitive goods to wireless sensors that automatically detects magnetic contact loss or valves opening within 500 meters radius.

The Teltonika Bluetooth sensors are a perfect monitoring solution for a variety of use cases in cold chain logistics, freezers, refrigerators, assets, trailers and more.

The PUCK series Bluetooth sensors can work well in combination with the RUTX10 and RUTX11 routers.

RUTXR1 Enterprise Rack-mountable SFP/LTE Router

RUTXR1 is Teltonika’s first-ever rack-mounted LTE Cat6 router with redundant power supplies and WAN interfaces, which can be conveniently placed in a server cabinet. It is equipped with dual SIM, USB, and Wave-2 802.11ac Dual Band WIFI.

But what makes this product stand out from the rest of Teltonika Networks products are the SFP WAN and dedicated console ports. The unique feature set of this product allows using it as a primary product in a small or home office with LTE backup capabilities, powerful WiFi, and no need for an additional SFP to Ethernet converter. This feature-rich device is powered by RutOS and is a perfect choice, where a speedy and ultra-reliable connection is required.

Do you want more information about the Teltonika IoT products? Please have a look at our or for more information or advice.

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