Cisper Expands Portfolio with Ergosense Smart IoT Sensors

Help Your Customers Getting Back to Their Offices with Smart IoT Sensors!

has recently expanded its portfolio with Smart IoT Sensors from Ergosense. The Ergosense solution can be offered as a fully autonomous, cloud based and stand-alone system. However as a System Integrator you can integrate the data from the Ergosense cloud into your own software platform using available API’s.

If you, as a System Integrator, are offering your customers information on the whereabouts of their assets you can now add valuable information about the health of your customers’ facilities to your offer.

Facility managers across the globe are challenged to manage their facilities’ environment, employee behavior patterns and asset movement. Managing assets and the health of buildings will both proof essential in establishing, effective and efficient organization-centered work environments.

The Smart Environmental sensors are very easy to install and communicate directly to the Ergosense cloud server. The Ergosense sensors combine state-of-the-art technologies like; LTE, Bluetooth mesh and MQTT making it autonomous and unobtrusive.

With the Ergosense solution you will be able to design and develop a sensor-based multi-functional solution for your customers. You can now add accurate, aggregated and sensible information to your solution that will allow your customers to use real data to optimize their work spaces and manage their assets from one platform.

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