Cisper and CAEN RFID Reinforce Partnership

Closer Cooperation for the European Market!

CAEN RFID and are working together for many years already but have now decided to cooperate even closer.

CAEN RFID at Cisper

CAEN RFID is a leading supplier of UHF RFID readers and special tags. Their RFID UHF readers are the state-of-the-art for all vertical applications, are fully compliant with the ETSI and FCC rules and EPC Gen2 protocol and are able to cover distances of 5-6m with on-metal passive tags. CAEN RFID has developed its easy2read© and easy2log© product lines according to the RAIN RFID standards.

“We believe that the CAEN RFID product portfolio offers valuable product solutions that can be beneficial for your customers. Also the OEM modules from the Caen offering are a good starting point for your embedded RFID solutions.” says Leon de Ridder, Managing Director at Cisper.

“CAEN RFID is proud to be part of the Cisper offering since they always select best in class readers and tags for the European market. We strongly believe that a closer collaboration between the two companies will bring value to the RAIN RFID technology implementers.” confirms Stefano Coluccini, CAEN RFID’s Chief Marketing Officer.

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