CISC Extends Xplorer Portfolio

CISC Extends Xplorer Portfolio to Ensure RAIN Inlay, Reader and Tag Performance on a High Quality

New RAIN RFID testing solutions to save time and cost by enabling quality assurance during high-speed production process as well as flexibility to create own performance metrics for analyzing market demands.

GmbH announced the launch of an extended Xplorer portfolio supporting a high-speed reader, inlay and tag performance. The Xplorer portfolio consists of a RAIN Xplorer Inline tester, a RAIN Xplorer reel2reel tester, and an Impedance Emulator feature for RFID Xplorer to reduce cost, development effort and time-to-market for customers in the RAIN RFID market.

The current market requires high quality RAIN hardware including tags and readers to ensure successful deployment and acceptance. Checking the quality of the tags and readers on key parameters without slowing the rate of production is key.

“RAIN RFID solutions connect billions of everyday items in applications like Aviation, Healthcare, Retail, and Smart Manufacturing where security, interoperability and reliability is a selfevident requirement,” said Josef Preishuber-Pfluegl, CTO, Business Manager RFID+NFC of CISC Semiconductor.

“Our new RAIN Xplorer portfolio is the trust anchor along the development and production phase to ensure that only high-quality products will be launched in the market.”

New Comprehensive RAIN Testing Portfolio:

RAIN Xplorer Inline Tester

  • Spots anomalies during the production process in real-time.
  • Flexible to create own performance matrix for enhanced analysis.
  • Enables performance testing on multiple frequencies on a single RAIN RFID inlay or tag at high speed to match current market demands.

RAIN Xplorer Reel2Reel Tester

  • RAIN RFID tag testing on a reel at high speed for efficient production time.
  • Complies to industry standards ISO/IEC 18000-63, EPC UHF Gen 2V2, RAIN RFID.
  • Tested on multiple frequency (f) and power levels (P) pairs (f, P) to quality the tag to a particular application based on the performance. 

Impedance Emulator Feature for RFID Xplorer Reader Tester

  • Allows advanced testing of the RAIN reader behavior under different error conditions.
  • Debugs final RAIN installations based on whether the error is on the reader or the tag side.
  • Is a high-quality reader which can perform as intended irrespective of the deployment. 

For a demo of CISC´s new RAIN Xplorer solutions please visit us at booth number #20 at in Darmstadt, Germany, from 29th to 30th October, 2019. 

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