Checkpoint introduces Kona RFID Label

Apparel Labeling Solutions by Checkpoint Systems!

When the new going out is staying in, don’t let uncomfortable apparel labels confine your sales.

Whether the latest luxury loungewear or a set of thermal pyjamas – an embedded RFID tag has to be of absolute comfort. At we care about how our apparel labels feel against skin and have developed a label for when comfort is of the utmost of importance.

Utilizing soft materials with a small footprint inlay, our Kona label provides high performance without impacting on comfort or product quality. The overall label solution becomes a seamless part of the garment, unnoticeable to the consumer.

When stock is merchandised close together with many different colours, styles and sizes, inventory management becomes a daily challenge. Having the right stock at the right price at the right time is pivotal to maximizing sales both in store and online.

Kona, measuring just 83 mm x 9 mm, has been specifically designed to work with challenging apparel categories. Taking accurate inventory of packaged lounge or sleepwear of all shapes and sizes stacked tightly together, Kona delivers on performance without impacting the visual merchandising aspect of any store.

The new business casual is becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. For loungewear labels your customers will love, the new Kona RFID label is designed with comfort in mind. Get in touch to learn more about how Checkpoint Systems Labelling Solutions can help!

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