CAEN RFID presents its new product catalog year 2020

The new product catalog year 2020 is now available for download.

RFID is a leading company in Automatic Identification (AutoID) and it has focused its activities in the RAIN RFID technology (passive UHF RFID conforming to GS1 EPC Class1 Gen2 or ISO 18000-63 standards).

CAEN RFID has developed its products according to the RAIN RFID standards. Our team of engineers designs state-of-the-art devices and provides continuous support and feedback to customers. This provides our customers with a better understanding of RAIN RFID technology and our products, enabling their use in a more efficient and performing way.

The quality of our products, the consultancy service at the time of purchase and the after-sales support are among our top priority objectives.

In our new Catalog 2020 you’ll find all the information about our products, including the ones just released:

  • The Quattro, an affordable and powerful RAIN RFID portal reader
  • The Proton, a robust, waterproof RAIN RFID portal reader
  • The Hex, a multipurpose RAIN RFID reader
  • The qLog, a dual-frequency (RAIN+NFC) temperature logger

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