CAEN RFID Introduces 3 Brand New Products to the Market

New Arrival in July: The skID Bluetooth Reader!

RFID has now expanded its easy2read© and easy2log© product lines with three new products – one of which integrates a dual frequency RFID/NFC technology!

The Hadronmini R1271C, and qLog RT0012 and RT0013 are now available while the skID R1280IE/IU Mini Sled RAIN RFID Reader is set for release in July 2020. With an already wide portfolio of products ranging from OEM modules, to desktop devices, to portable readers, the new products add even more features and flexibility, making it easy for customers to adopt RAIN RFID technology.

, Sales Manager, CAEN RFID elaborates in an interview with .

The qLog Loggers with Dual Frequency Technology!

The qLog RT0012 and RT0013 are an extension of the easy2log family. What makes them especially unique is that they use the dual frequency (NFC & RAIN RFID) technology. It is the very first product in our portfolio to use the dual frequency technology and is perfect for complete track and trace solutions dealing with temperature and humidity control, making it well suited for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food markets.

Thanks to the UHF RAIN RFID interface, data or alarms can be read from a distance via automated check-points on conveyors or through RFID gates. The NFC interface facilitates interaction with any NFC enabled smartphone, allowing the consumer to check the condition of goods from home.

The qLog is the perfect device for cold chain monitoring. It allows you to monitor products that are sensitive to temperature and humidity during transportation or in storage. This includes perishable products like chemicals, medicine and vaccines, making it a product well suited for the healthcare industry. The combination of the high resolution sensor, large memory size and standard NFC/RAIN RFID interfaces provide effective track and trace solutions.

“The qLog is the first product with the integrated dual frequency technology in our product portfolio. Benefits of the dual frequency technology in the qLog loggers includes the possibility for interaction with RAIN RFID readers and standard mobile phones, linking B2B and B2C applications,” underlines David Pallassini, Sales Manager, CAEN RFID.

The Hadronmini R1271C

The Hadronmini is an extension of the OEM family and has been designed as a highly sensitive, low-cost reader with one antenna and 500mW of power. It is pin-to-pin and software compatible with the Impinj RS1000 and RS500 module, making it a perfect replacement for these devices.

Due to its low power consumption, the Hadronmini is designed to be integrated into battery powered devices such as handhelds and voice operating gloves. It is generally suitable for integration into any device that needs to be enabled for RAIN RFID technology. This includes integration into kiosks, point of sales, printers, and vending machines to name a few.

The Hadronmini is one of the smallest, high performing modules on the market and being SMT compatible, it can be easily assembled during production.

New Arrival in July: The skID Bluetooth Reader

The skID is a mobile reader that extends the easy2read family of portable devices. Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, the skID is a perfect add-on for any PC, smartphone, PDA or tablet for RAIN RFID applications. The reader is compatible with Windows 8/10, Windows CE/Mobile, Android and iOS operating systems. The device supports both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Bluetooth classic communication to provide maximum usage flexibility, including the HID profile for keyboard emulation.

“The skID is mainly designed for mobile workers, thanks to its compactness, lightness and ergonomics, is the perfect device for mobile point of sales, field sales mobility, inventory management, service and maintenance applications,” elaborates David Pallassini.

The skID is a very compact, high performance Bluetooth reader featuring a circular polarized antenna that can be fixed to any smartphone or tablet using 4 different methods: Magnets, 3M Dual Lock, Quad Lock or via SP-Connect. The reader is designed to last at least 40,000 readings, or for 12 operating hours.

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