CAEN RFID has new products in the Pipeline

Italian UHF RFID Technology Developer Focuses on New Reader Solutions

RFID has three new UHF RFID readers on its development roadmap for 2020.

The current situation in the environment of the spreading coronavirus does not currently affect ongoing developments, emphasizes Sales Manager in a discussion with .

“We are working with companies from the Milan area on a number of projects, so it is a little challenging at the moment. Of course, we can only follow current developments closely. But we are not worried or even panicking. We are working in a concentrated manner to follow and adhere to our roadmap in the best possible way. We are aware, that we are dependent on the supply of parts and components. Here, as in almost all industries, there are currently more or less severe delays. Nevertheless, our warehouses are well filled, so that we can continue working almost without any serious downtimes”.

Full speed ahead with new readers in 2020

The CAEN RFID development team is currently working on three new reader products. The launches are planned for 2020, involving the following solutions:

  • Skid: A portable device that can be connected to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth. It will be available for both iOS and Android, ensuring compatibility with any mobile device. Reading range will be 1.5 meters with a circular polarized antenna in a very small package.
  • R5000, another, even more powerful 4-port reader, following the recent release of the 4-port readers – Proton and Quattro. The new one will be more sensitive and offer a higher performance. It is a major development project on which the engineering team has been working for about a year.
  • HadronMini, a very small new OEM reader with very good reading sensitivity.

“We have no delays in the technical development and design of the new readers. We are right on schedule. When it comes to prototyping, it will be challenging. However, we remain positive that we will present the products to our customers in a fully functional way”, David Pallassini emphasizes.

All new developments live at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020

The CAEN RFID team is already looking forward to presenting the latest developments at the  on October 27th & 28th in Darmstadt near Frankfurt. As in previous years, CAEN RFID will be present at the event with a booth, products, and experts.

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