Bluebird Launches New Mobile Computers EF550 & EF550R

Full Visibility of Shipping and Delivery Operations for Customers!

The South Korean company expands the EF-Series with the robust touch mobile computers EF550 and EF550R.

Both products are upgraded versions of the EF501 and EF501R and provide a high level of work efficiency and productivity in the user environment. Users can enhance supply chain management, distribution, manufacturing processes, and retail processes with the use of the EF550 and EF550R.

Shipping & Delivery

supports retailers through every step of the delivery service. The EF550 can be used to capture data and to upload deliveries to the database. The advanced mobile computer calculates remaining deliveries as opposed to the amount delivered so as to ensure an accurate inventory for optimized resource investment. Direct store delivery is possible via continuous connection to the department network. This also allows for the efficient supervision of employees.

Business applications can be downloaded to view and manage all operative tasks, providing users with full visibility of shipping and delivery operations. Other application fields of the EF550 series include shelf management, backroom management, receiving goods, inventory, shipping and order taking.

Shock, Water, & Dust Resistant

All of Bluebird’s mobile computers, industrial tablets and payment terminals are equipped with TankSmith® Technology. This applies for the EF550 as well as the EF550R. The TankSmith® Technology is Bluebird’s patented sealing technology. Devices that have this technology are suited for long-term use in various different working environments. The motto: shock, water and dust resistant. With a long battery life, total operation costs are reduced.

Certification Factors and Processes

Bluebird labels its products with TankSmith® only after the successful completion of high drop, durability tests for keypads and buttons, as well as temperature and humidity tests. As a result, traditional criteria are rated more rigorously. IP ratings usually indicate the degree of resistance to dust and water. Bluebird uses a special design and rugged material with user environments in mind. As a result, customers can use the products for a longer period of time, in comparison to products with the same IP rating.

Long Battery Life + Business Optimized

The battery of the EF550 and EF550R is operational for 14 hours with the support of the BOS™ PowerManager. Both products include a HotSwap mode that ensures tasks can continue without turning off a device or application.

The Bluebird BOS™ (Business Optimizing Solutions) includes app development, device provisioning and business performance management as an integrated solution system. Users can thus implement efficient management for the EF550 and EF550R.