Avery Dennison Smartrac Introduces atma.io

Coming Soon: atma.io!

Discover what our new connected product cloud can do for your business and for the planet.

Smartrac envisions a world where every item will be connected to the Internet of Things, bringing benefits to our daily lives and enabling more sustainable practices.

atma.io connected product cloud is the expression of our vision — to connect the physical and the digital world with a single source of truth, providing end-to-end supply chain transparency that enables circularity.

How do you create value from connected products? By assigning unique digital IDs to everyday items, connecting them to the Internet of Things and providing businesses unparalleled supply chain transparency by tracking, storing and managing all the events associated with each individual product — from source to consumer and beyond.

This can enable circularity initiatives such as recommerce and many more use cases bespoke to your business needs, including authentication and traceability. You can share all this information with your consumers by leveraging your products as a direct communication channel, creating even more personalized experiences and driving brand loyalty. 

But what exactly is a connected product? Watch our helpful step-by-step guide to atma.io and stay tuned for our imminent global launch.

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