Apulsetech Launching New RFID Readers in 2021

α611 & α712 Planned for Release in the Last Quarter of 2021!

, a seasoned player in the field of RFID technology, brings unique RFID handhelds to the market and is currently working on the development of a mobile reader, as well as a new “handy” reader.

In an interview with , Christy Cho, Global Business Manager at Apulsetech explains more about the current and projects of the company in 2021 and elaborates on the upcoming products currently in development.

Projects in 2021: Mobile Reader and Handy Reader

Apulsetech is currently developing a brand new mobile reader and a handy reader. The company plans to finish developing these products towards the end of 2021. The same RFID modules will be used. Furthermore, the development of a simple RFID reader software program for use with the RFID readers in an RFID solution is underway.

“We have faced some delays in projects due to the pandemic, however, we are still working at full speed on the development on our new products. We have also strengthened our focus on our existing products that are currently on the market. The local market has given us a great response and as a result, we are now starting various different projects.” says Christy Cho, providing an insight into the challenges faced in light of the pandemic. Apulsetech is also supporting several local partners with the introduction of new RFID reader designs.

Apulsetech provides RFID solutions in Korea. These simple solutions are on high demand in Korea, particularly from small business that cannot afford development software. The company plans to create an app that is downloadable from the Play Store on mobile phones. Users need only download the app and use it in combination with the RFID readers – designed to be simple, practical, and easy to use.

A Sneak Peek at α611 & α712!

South Korea is providing government funds to aid companies during the pandemic. Apulsetech is making full use of these funds and now plans to announce the release of two more RFID readers in 2021. One of which is the α611 UHF RFID Handy Reader. The α611 is a simple, small, lightweight short-range RFID handheld reader that is compatible with any mobile device.

The other product in development is a long range RFID reader with a unique design – the α712. The α712 will be made available with two different antenna types. Users can choose the antennas according to the respective project requirements.

Expanding Market Horizons in the Americas and South East Asia

Apulsetech sells its products worldwide. With its main market already in Korea, Japan, China, and Europe, the company has plans to expand in the Americas and in South East Asia. Christy Cho reports, “The markets for RFID in Korea, Japan, and China are already quite fully equipped in terms of RFID technology. We wanted to explore new markets and start new, long-lasting partnerships. We noticed that the field of RFID is slowly emerging in Latin America and South East Asia, which is why we decided to establish a footprint there.”

According to Christy Cho, business transactions in Japan, China and Korea are still ongoing, even during the Covid-19 pandemic. “We see positive signs from our Asian partners in terms of business. Companies are beginning to start projects and catch up with the losses incurred from 2020,” says Christy Cho. Transactions in Europe and the US slowed down during the summer of 2020, but have since then picked up again.  

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