All-in-One RFID OEM Solution with New PC/SC Interface

iDTRONIC’s Embedded HF RFID Reader Series R840!

As a leading manufacturer for embedded RFID Readers, has enhanced the Embedded HF RFID Reader Series R840 with an PC/SC Interface. The RFID OEM Module is already available with USB VCP, USB HID and Ethernet interfaces.

The new PC/SC interface serves to read smart cards. This function is intended to facilitate the authentication of authorized persons in certain areas.

What is PC/SC?

PC/SC stands for ”Personal Computer/Smart Card“. The interface enables smart cards to be read into computer environments. PC/SC is supported by all Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Simple embedding and integration in chip card readers

A smart card reader can be extended with the RFID OEM module. Due to its compact size it can be easily integrated into smart card readers. The RFID module can be connected to all USB 2.0 ports with the integrated USB Mini Connector.

HF 13.56 MHz reader for a variety of transponder

The R840’s PC/SC Interface reads all contactless memory cards (Smart Cards) with an RFID HF frequency of 13.56 MHz. The supported standards are ISO 14443A/B, ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3 as well as all NXP MIFARE® & DESFire® Transponder Types.

Easy setup thanks to Plug & Play

The Embedded HF RFID Reader Series R840 is a Plug-and-Play device. It is particularly suitable for the simple and uncomplicated identification of Smart Cards without prior setup and installation of the device.

Reading reliability & successful tag communication

The integrated Antenna of the RFID OEM Module can identify a chip card with a reading range of up to 8 cm. The integrated LED Light and the Buzzer show a successful Tag Communication. The application areas range from Smartcard and Reader Communication, Access Control to Web and Email Services.

Application example: staff authentication with PC/SC

Access control systems in companies can be handled efficiently using a smart card based PC/SC solution. The provision of chip read cards for employees has become common in many companies. The smart cards have a unique UID and are specifically activated for one of the company’s employees.

Using this ID Card, the employee can identify himself securely in all areas of his company with a chip reading device with PC/SC.

There are numerous reasons for the use of smart cards, in general:

  • Access control function for all closed company areas
  • Registration in the internal company network
  • Digitally sign and release documents
  • Encryption of e-mails
  • Payment function for the canteen or cafeteria

This facilitates the traceability of document changes, secures authentication against unauthorized access and entry, and protects the viewing and processing of confidential documents.

The Embedded HF RFID Reader Series R840 will be delivered with a Software Development Kit. The use of the SDK simplifies the connection to your existing systems. iDTRONIC offers customized firmware adaptations on request.

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