UHF Ultra Small RFID Chip Magic Series


UHF Ultra Small RFID Chip Magic Series from DO RFID Group are really exciting. Because they are fantastically small in size. As a matter of fact, it is just a 2.6 mm square with a height of 0.8 mm! The tag’s tiny composure makes it really well suit to attaching to small objects. And with a little bit of glue or epoxy. So what can you do with a small RFID chip? Strapping one to the tip of a Nerf dart to tell if you’ve hit the target. Or sounding the alarm if someone removes a trinket from your desk is just the tip of the iceberg.

These tags operate in the UHF (865MHz to 928MHz) band and contains a 96-bit EPC field. That is programmable by the user. Using a reader like HY-R50 UHF RFID Handheld Reader with the UHF Ring Antenna will allow you to read/write multiple tags at a range of up to an inch!

To recap, these tags are great for tiny close-range identification, just be sure not to misplace them or you might never find them again!

DO RFID Group used semiconductor miniaturization and electron beam technology to write data on the chip substrates to achieve this decrease in size. The new chips have a wide range of potential applications from military to transportation, logistics and even consumer electronics.

These chips consist of 128-bit ROM (Read Only Memory) that can store a 38-digit number.

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