The RFID LED tag or RFID tag with LED Light  is born from an RFID breakthrough technology. It adds LED lights to the traditional RFID UHF tags. In this case, The LED tags can identify a single very specific object. As an interesting new designed tag, LED tags can read data through external materials. These tags may also simultaneously Multiple objects are recognized. More ever, The amount of information stored is also very large. Last but not least, the RFID LED tag is great for Anti-counterfeiting and Asset Management

With light-emitting diodes (LEDs) RFID UHF tags , while exerting the advantages of RFID technology. These marvelous tags also have the functions of quick search and single product positioning. When the RFID tag needs to be located, only the EPC number of the tag needs to be selected. Furthermore, The LED lights on the RFID lighting electronic tag will flash. As a result, the light flashs allowing users easy to find and to manage items.

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