Small RFID Tags

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1、Available Chips

Chip Name Protocol Capacity Frequency
TK4100 / 64 bits 125 kHz
EM4200 / 128 bits 125 kHz
EM4305 / 512 bits 125 kHz
T5577 / 330 bits 125 kHz
Ntag213 ISO14443A 180 byte 13.56 MHz
Ntag215 ISO14443A 540 byte 13.56 MHz
Ntag216 ISO14443A 924 byte 13.56 MHz
MIFARE Classic 1K ISO14443A 1 KB 13.56 MHz
MIFARE Classic 4K ISO14443A 4 KB 13.56 MHz
MIFARE Ultralight EV1 ISO14443A 80 byte 13.56 MHz
MIFARE Ultralight C ISO14443A 192 byte 13.56 MHz
ICODE SLIX ISO15693 1024 bits 13.56 MHz
Alien H3 ISO18000-6C 512 bits 860~960 MHz
Impinj Monza 4 ISO18000-6C 96 bits 860~960 MHz
UCODE G2iL EPCglobal Class1Gen2 128 bits 860~960 MHz

2、Available Materials










  • Small tool tracking and management
  • Animal tracking and management
  • IT asset management
  • Jewelry management and tracking
  • Smart Poster
  • Mobile interaction
  • Laundry management
  • Trees management
  • Industrial gas cylinders tracking
  • Medical and other small parts management
  • Anti-counterfeiting

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