Rugged RFID Screw Tag


The RFID screw tag is an RFID tag with high chemical resistance. And 360° reading performance for manufacturing control applications with an operating temperature of -40°C ~ +70°C. As a matter of fact, the screw tag are suitable for any application. More ever, a screw in RFID tag with read distance up to 60mm (depends on reader). As we Coat tags with special steel alloy and high grade reinforced epoxy. We can use one tag for years.

We make the bolt body by tooling steel which we treat or harden them for maximum longevity. In several automotive applications today, technician screws the tag into a part, typically metal. And then program them with data. After that, we erase and remove data only to take it back to the process beginning and use it again. But there are new applications. For example, we may screw a screw tag into an oil or gas valve, cylinder. And then use it as a track and trace method for things like field servicing.

The screw tag is also calls RFID bolt tag. It is perfectly suitable for the oil and gas industry. As well as for tracking all kinds of outdoor equipment. And it is able to resist high temperature and pressure.

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