Round NFC ABS Tags


Round NFC ABS Tags Description

Round NFC ABS Tags are secure read range passive NFC RFID tags on metal surfaces. It has a sturdy housing, so we can use them in harsh outdoor environments. Our technicians specially design screw holes. So we can firmly nailed this RFID tag to item surfaces.

DO RFID Group provides both global and regional options for global asset management needs

DO RFID Group special design the internal antenna. Hence, we can fix Round NFC ABS Tags on metal surfaces. And can has excellent and stable identification performance. Future more, with NFC function, the tags are secure to read. However, the price is low. It is easy to attach these tags to metal surfaces. So we may use ABS anti metal tags on machine, in pallet management, shelf management, and asset management and so on.

DO RFID Group Technology’s design and manufacturing expertise developed the RFID METAL TAG. Which not only owns anti metal function, but also ensures optimum converting properties and usability. The product is in wet format as a single unit with reliable adhesion for demanding surfaces.

We tightly quality control compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 ensures a reliable and sustainable product that meets so many application requirements.

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