Made of durable PPS material, each RFID PPS tags withstands manufacturing and processing temperatures of 100° C or higher, enabling tag encapsulation in a broad range of end-use housings or use as-is.  And then DO RFID Group customize these tags for you

To handle harsh warehouse and factory environment, the RFID PPS tags is optional with filling epoxy Technics. As a result, it would made the tag complete water and oil proof.

Anti-metal RFID PPS Tags

Firstly, the tag is optional with anti-metal layer to mount and working on metal surface.

Wide range RFID PPS Tags

Secondly, The coin tag are available with a broad range of RFID technology, from low frequency 125KHz to high frequency 13.56MHz. Hence, providing an optimal solution for different RFID applications.

Withstand Heat

In addition, the tag sustains heat, pressure and chemicals.  What is more, the Laundry Tag may has one or more oval holes, so it can be sewed to clothes. Therefore, the pps tag is perfectly suited for garment classification and to facilitate inventory processes in hotels, hospitals and other institutions.

The laundry tag can also be sewed to your clothes at home, in that case, NFC functions are available wherever you are.

Last but not least, DO RFID Group accept the OEM manufacturing of the tag, and we provide our partners the different customization Technics on the tag.

Material PPS
Character Flexible, easy-to-wear, easy to use, waterproof, damp proof, anti-vibration and high temperature resistance.
Color Default black; If other colors,MOQ is 3000 pcs
Attachment Sewn in/on
Protection IP65 (condition: water pressure 45bar, 10h)
Chemical Resistance -30°C to +200°C
Peak Temperature Typical chemicals used in laundry and dry-cleaning processes
Application Widely used in laundries, car engine repair logo, chemicals, and even a long soak in water and other harsh conditions, etc.
Mechanical Stability Axial compression strength: 1000N while Radial compression strength: 500N


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