Reusable RFID Cable Tie Tag


rfid cable tie tag provides an innovative solution for clear and rapid product identification. Having to cut the ties off of your cable bundles when you need to alter them is a pain, not to mention it just feels wasteful. Enter releasable ties: they can be easily removed and re-used, again and again! The nylon cable ties are equipped with an RFID transponder. And therefore combine the numerous advantages of a regular cable tie with RFID technology. The rfid cable tie tag is especially suit for securing, serialization, tracking and products identification. Especially in the areas of resource management, electrical inspection, inventory, distribution and rental services. As well as for maintenance and repair routines easy management.


Firstly, flexible, contactless data communication

Secondly, clear identification of objects through unique numbering

Thirdly, faster data management compared to paper solution

Fourthly, more accurate documentation processes – prevention of human errors

Fifthly, Robust and resistant to harsh environments and cleaning processes

Sixthly, Low frequency (LF – 125 kHz) – Read only

Seventhly, High frequency (HF – 13.56 MHz) – Rewritable

Finally, Certifications & Approvals

RFID tracking: clever solutions with RFID cable ties and accessories

DO RFID Group has developed a range of RFID cable ties, accessories and RFID readers to make your RFID tracking and identification processes more efficient. Different applications makes RFID technology so unique.

Increase efficiency in production. Many steps are eliminated because cable ties with RFID tags incorporate several functions. Fastening, bundling, labeling, identification product safety, product RFID tracking and much more.

Reliably label and identify products also in harsh environments. Information on the RFID tag remains readable even in extreme production and operational environments at any time

Mark and identify inaccessible parts. RFID cable ties are a reliable alternative when conventional identification. RFID cable ties are a reliable alternative when conventional identification. Such as we can read barcode labels can only with difficulty. E.g. through space restrictions or we can’t label them because of material reasons

Support applications in industry 4.0. An intelligent factory purpose is almost unlimit. Today, we use cable ties in almost every industry. In combination with RFID technology, there is great potential for supporting the Smart Factor notion.

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