NXP UCODE 7 UHF Dry and Wet Inlay


NXP UCODE 7 / 7m enables dense RFID tag population long read distance and fast inventory. So it is particularly well suit for inventory management applications. For example, e.g. Retail and Fashion. More ever, with its broadband design. NXP UCODE 7 / 7m offers the possibility to manufacture true global RFID label with high performance over worldwide regulations.

The device also provides a Self-Adjust Feature. Not only a Product Status Flag for EAS application, but also pre-serialized 96-bit EPC.

Retailers and brand owners can be more responsive. And make better decisions with real-time information about the location of products. Not only in the distribution center. But also on the shelf, in a fitting room. NXP UCODE ICs provide this data with fast, accurate and low-cost tracking items.

UCODE Inlay delivers high-speed operation in supply-chain and logistics applications. More ever, UCODE-based labels provide higher anti-collision rates. As a matter of fact, that improve accuracy, increase sensitivity to extend read range. And supply wider frequency range of up to 15 meters.

DO RFID Group Technology’s design and manufacturing expertise developed the thin NON METAL TAG, which not only protects the print heads of RFID printers, but also ensures optimum converting properties and usability. The product is delivered in wet format as a single-row at 5000-unit reel with reliable adhesion for demanding surfaces. A clean gap between the tags makes it user-friendly, suitable for automated applicators, and minimizes waste at the point of use.

Tightly quality control compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 ensures a reliable and sustainable product that meets a variety of application requirements.

Tag Features
Customized antenna based on project and  Diversity size to meet different requirement. Printable and encoding for option and Roll package.

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