Monza 4 UHF Dry and Wet Inlay


Monza 4 UHF Inlay offer not only the possibility to easily print. But also to encode the product with standard RFID printers on-site. And it delivers excellent more than 3 meters read-range performance on non-metal surfaces. Furthermore, the Monza 4 Inlay features traceable and secure TID serialization. It is available in both ETSI (for Europe) and FCC (for America and Asia) frequency bands. DO RFID Group Technology’s design and manufacturing expertise developed the thin NON METAL TAG. It not only protects the print heads of RFID printers. But also ensures optimum converting properties and usability. The product delivers in wet format as a single-row at 5000-unit reel, and with reliable adhesion for demanding surfaces. In addition, a clean gap between the tags makes it user-friendly, suitable for automated applicators. And minimizes waste at the point of use.

Last but not least, the inlay tightly quality control compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 ensures a reliable and sustainable product. And it meets a variety of application requirements.

With the Monza® 4 tag chips, Impinj builds upon Monza chip family. And technicians regards the tag as the most reliable, consistent, flexible chips. Furthermore, the Monza 4 family provides a variety of models to suit diverse applications. Including unique RFID privacy, tag orientation insensitivity, competitive and consistent read/write performance. More ever, the chip optimizes memory options for use in manufacturing and supply chain industries.

The inlay is Customized antenna based on project, Diversity size to meet different requirement, Printable and encoding for option, Roll package.

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