IOT Ceramic RFID Tags


IOT Ceramic RFID Tags

We may easily integrate IOT Ceramic RFID Tags into RFID applications. Which requires discreet small feather weight tags, but still deliver sustainable performance. The hard shells encasing these tiny UHF tags shield them from exposure to autoclave sterilization and demanding industrial environments. And these durable UHF tags offer 32/64 bit of user memory with 2 m (6.5 ft) reading distance.

Why buy this tag?

Emendable in space-restricted applications, IOT Ceramic Tags are optimized for placement on metal assets. Such as tools, weaponry, and surgical instrumentation. Also electrical components for automotive industry. Such as board and parts management, surgical management and medical devices for medical industry. Plus tool management for industrial and manufacturing

Ceramic UHF 915 MHz tags offer metal mount ability as well as elevated temperature specifications. They are also water, chemical and heat resistant.

Passive RFID tags Readout range extension and miniaturization is an important challenge with far-reaching goals. Here, This new ceramic tag concept that relies on different physical principles. When we use state-of-the-art readers and RFID chips, the ceramic tags readout distances can reach 22 m. Furthermore, we may extend this number further with improving matching circuits. Miniature RFID tags, capable to establish long-range communication channels, can find use in many applications. Including retail, security, Internet of Things, and many others.

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