Flexible RFID Tag


This Flexible RFID Tag not only enables applications on metal, but also easily to print and encode. Almost all standard RFID printers may print on these tags. It also perform excellent on metal surfaces and liquid-filled bottles. Beside, the read-range are more than 3 meters. Furthermore, the tag features traceable and secure TID serialization. It is available in both ETSI (for Europe) and FCC (for America and Asia) frequency bands.  Plus, these tags are good for waterproof, anti-fouling and corrosion-resistant.

Slim and Printable

DO RFID Group Technology’s design and manufacturing expertise developed the thin ON METAL Flexible RFID Tag at 1mm ± 10 %.  The product delivered as a single-row at 500-unit reel. Furthermore, we assure reliable adhesion for demanding surfaces. Beside, a clean gap between the tags makes it user-friendly, suitable for automated applicators. It also minimizes waste at the point of use.

Great on Metal Surface

Firstly, DO RFID Group Flexible RFID Tags are great for curved surfaces RFID tracking applications. Such as camera equipment, engine parts, pipelines, and much more! Secondly, flexible RFID Tags perform well on metal surfaces. As a result, it perform much better than regular standard RFID tag in Industry.

Customizable Flexible RFID Tag

RFID on metal tags/labels widely use for assets tracking. Inculding industrial manufacturing, oil & gas pipelines, returnable container applications, vehicle tracking identification, and many other industry verticals. These tags Support LF, HF ISO15693 and ISO14443 and UHF ISO18000-6cfrequency, customized shapes and sizes are available, too.

Finally, when you install these tag, please pay attestation to Precautions for Installing RFID flexible Anti-metal Tags.

If you do not see the Flexible RFID Tags you are looking for, please contact us!

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