Everest PCB Tag



Industrial Everest Rugged RFID PCB Tag is UHF (860-960MHZ) in frequency. The special design and material make it anti water and metal. From this, it delivers excellent performance on metal surfaces and outdoor working environment. While the read-range is more than 3 meters.

Furthermore, the tag features traceable and secure TID serialization. Hence, it is available in ETSI (for Europe) and FCC (for America and Asia) frequency bands.

Water and Dust Proof

In addition, we have different material to produce this rugged PCB tag for different applied industry. We managed to enhance its integrated and ROI for our customers and partners. Once more, we design to meet specific requirements. Such as resistance to dust, chemicals and mechanical stress, as well as protection against temporary immersion in water. We may also selected hard tags, offering on-metal capabilities, high-temperature resistance or sensing capabilities for moisture or temperature.

More ever, some robust near field tag allows manufacturers to integrate DO RFID Group electronic components seamlessly into tag designs optimized for any application.

You may find more water and dust proof tags in our website.

High Quality PCB Tag

We control quality tightly. And all our products compliant with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 ensures a reliable and sustainable product that meets a variety of application needs such as automobile production and enhancing RFID lifetime.

UHF PCB tag is good to use in indoor asset management, Such as inspection management, and tool management. Plus, we offer small size, easy installation, and stable and reliable product performance. But this as well, we design Our RFID PCB tag to work on a variety of metal surfaces. They are really suitable for your metal surface applications.


Paint spraying available on its surface

Easy and flexible installation

paint spraying on the surface allows outdoor usage

Work smoothly when installed on the metal surface

100% gone through EU label- conformity test system


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