Circular UHF Antenna HY-RA9002 9dbi


This RFID UHF antenna application indoor and outdoor scenarios include:

Intelligent transportation, as well as intelligent parking lot management automatically recognize vehicles.

The highway management automatically recognizes the traffic flow and information collection of the driving path.

Logistics warehouse management and sports field event project identification application.

Management of personnel, access control, goods and animal husbandry.

DO RFID Group is a high-tech company design and manufacturer of RAIN (UHF) RFID antennas and readers.  Since 2006, DO RFID Group already has developed a large portfolio of fixed RAIN RFID reader antennas and standard antennas.The patented UHF antenna meet industry specific needs, thus helping organizations to transform processes and reduce costs. As a leader in RFID antenna development, DO RFID Group consistently pushes the boundaries of RFID technology for the industry worldwide. As a result, their highly skilled team of RF engineers and technicians deliver high performing and cost-effective UHF RFID antennas suited for a wide array of applications.

Since RFID UHF antenna remain high quality, the market boosting. More ever,the DO RFID Group industry leading low profile design is now available in a compact square footprint. Futher more, IP67 rated for permanent outdoor use and built to high standard for quality and robustness. Last but not least, the circularly polarized creates a new benchmark for multi-purpose UHF RFID antennas.

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