What are the business cards?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is commonly found on most smartphones on the market today. Nowadays, technology is heading towards business cards.
Easily share your business card via NFC-enabled business cards.

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If you have ever sent a photo by touching your phones together, then you already have NFC. This is a touch-less payment technology, so you can store your payment information in your phone and pay by waving your phone at a terminal. With the development of NFC, you can now buy NFC-enabled business cards that allow you to share any data with your mobile phones and other NFC-enabled devices.

QR Codes are out of favour, NFC is the next approved method. This article explains the different advantages of the NFC technology.

How does nfc work?

NFC is a wireless way of transferring data between two devices. It is more technologically advanced and consumes much less power.

The two appliances must be set close to each other. NFC can only work under a direct line of sight. NFC only works within a few centimeters of device to another. Passive transmission methods include use of passive memory cards and tags.

How does the NFC business card work?

An NFC business card is something like a third side on the inside of your card. A small chip is embedded in the card and this chip tells a smart phone what to do, whenever the card is touched to an NFC compatible phone. You can control what information your phone encodes to the NFC chip.

In that case, when you just give your business card to prospective customer you are promoting your business. So that later on, he would remember having a chip. He touches his smartphone to his phone, and bam!. This is technological innovation; the information you want him to see will load instantly on his phone.

The chip itself holds a small amount of information and it is best that the card request information on the Internet. The memory in NFC chips is very limited in quantity. Each chip can only hold a few hundred characters. With this amount of room, you can bounce anyone into anything you like.
When you order business cards from us, you will get an NFC app that lets you reprogram the chip as often as you want. Besides, you do not need to be tech savvy to learn how to hack your NFC data chip.

What benefits of NFC business card

NFC business cards will give you many benefits as a business owner.
I can update the chip whenever I like to change what it does. If you wish it to represent your portfolio today, then great. If you are not yet ready to show your portfolio to potential employers, do so later. You could even make it a map of your current store, with your hours of operation. We can create a movie trailer. By linking your social profiles, you’ll be making it easier for the recipient to get to know you. It is better to grab potential customers immediately, rather than post it on Facebook later.

NFC business cards create countless possibilities

Your cards never get outdated. You can selectively control the information that people receive from the card. We do not need to worry about stamp collections if we change our address or telephone number.
The greatest advantage of NFC business cards is that once you touch them to someone’s mobile phone, you are automatically added to their contact list. When people speak to you, they will remember your name when they call you from their contacts.
This will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors. You will be noticed by the people around you. People will remember your business card if it is unique.

How to use NFC business cards?

  • Send people to a form that will sign them up for your newsletter.
  • You can send people to a web page of your choice.
  • Continuously send people to different types of content.
  • Send your friends to your Facebook pages, Google Plus pages, etc., and let them know about your book/article.
  • Send people to install your application.
  • Send out coupons or promotional notices that are unique.
  • Tap Call.
  • Click to send.
  • Tap to message.

Where can you purchase NFC card?

You can buy NFC business cards from RFID tag manufacturer. As of now, their program has not launched so far, but you can enter your email address to be notified about when their card will become available. You will want to get them as soon as possible because they will rise in price shortly.
NFC will allow people to think differently about how to manage their business cards. The QR code is a new and preferable technique to that idea. Instead of carrying a piece of plastic with your private information, you can access information from that information using contactless payment.

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