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The Ultimate Guide to Know RFID Asset Management
RFID has revolutionized many industries, including asset management. RFID asset management is a perfect solution to better manage assets. As we all know, asset management is both ...
RFID for Access Control Management You Would Like to Know
Automation, information, and intelligence have become the needs of the development of the times. Since the beginning of the 21st century, unlimited technology and computer technology have ...
How Does an RFID Asset Tracking System Work?
If you’ve ever participated in a manual asset management task, then you will opine that the exercise is overwhelming. A research study by Telsyte shows that businesses in Australia lose ...
What I Wish Everyone Knew About RFID Chips
RFID chips, the most important part of RFID tags, play a crucial role. RFID chip usually has a built-in antenna and an integrated circuit IC. Antennas can send and receive radio waves, while ...
Learn The Truth About RFID Sticker Structure And Material
RFID stickers are the most common RFID tags and the most economical way of RFID application at present. RFID sticker has the advantages of low cost, soft and light, easy to stick, high ...
Learn about common RFID applications
What is RFID tag? RFID tag, otherwise known as Electronic tag, is a contactless automatic identification technology, which identifies the target object and obtains relevant data by ...
RFID vs. Barcode:What is the difference? Which is better?
When it comes to RFID and barcodes, in the eyes of many people, they are like two brothers with very different personalities, and they are compared from time to time. Objectively speaking, ...
8 Things To Think About Before Investing in RFID Technology
Ten years ago, RFID technology was fairly new and exciting. Now, it’s gone mainstream and most companies use some kind of RFID system. That doesn’t mean you should invest in it, though. Here ...
What Is The Material Of RFID and NFC Tag Keychain?
RFID or Radio Frequency Identification technology can be defined as a technology that uses electromagnetic radio-frequency to identify tags when near to a reader. One fine example of RFID ...
Common RFID Standards and Protocols You Must Know
RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which automatically identifies target objects and obtains relevant data through radio frequency signals. Because the RFID tag ...
In-depth Analysis:Components of An RFID Tag
The IoT is regarded as the third wave of the information industry after the computer and the Internet. In the process of its realization, it needs the cooperation of many high and new ...
How RFID Technology Changes Garment Industry?
Taking inventory of a store with 15000 pieces of clothes in stock, using barcode technology, it needs to takes four people eight hours to complete with the highest accuracy of 86 percent. ...
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